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Additional elements are mostly utilized to cover the joints of sandwich panels. Also, they are used for creating other elements for buildings


It is designed for all weather conditions and requires very little time for transportation and installation.


Wall sandwich panels for are the most suitable panel to use instead of building materials such as concrete, brick and wood.

Выполненные проекты

Projects built from our sandwich panels

Город Djizzakh Площадь проекта 30 000

The volume of delivered sandwich panels “MAXPRODUCT” amounted to more than
30 000 m2

To ensure good insulation and durability of the structure, high-density mineral wool is used as the inner layer. It does not support combustion, has high thermal insulation characteristics, does not deform and maintains a stable geometry.

In addition, sandwich panels have other advantages:

➕ resistance to negative external factors;
➕ the ability to choose the size of the panels;
➕ high-quality connection of layers;
➕ affordable cost.


К проекту
Город Khorezm Площадь проекта 1327

Balandligi qariyb 18 metr bo‘lgan uch qavatli zavod Xorazm viloyatining go‘zal maskanlaridan birida qad ko’ratdi.
Fasad katta shisha derazalar va turli rangdagi mineral junli sendvich panellardan iborat bo’lib, unga ketadigan mahsulotlarni ishlab chiqarishga va yuklashga qariyb ikki kun vaqt ketdi

Shopping complex

К проекту
Город Khujand (Tadjikistan) Площадь проекта 850 и 1032

The main task from the customer was to build a high-quality and beautiful building for trading processes.
To solve the architectural problem, the use of wall sandwich panels based on mineral wool was chosen. Separately, individual steel shaped elements were designed and manufactured, which organically complemented the image of the building.

Delivered product: Basalt Sandwich Wall Panels

Office and warehouse

К проекту
Город Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) Площадь проекта 5600

A construction company from Kyrgyzstan, which has been purchasing MAXRPODUCT products for its customers for more than two years, has built its own office and warehouse in Bishkek from MAXRPODUCT sandwich panels.

More than 2,500 sq.m of wall sandwich panels 60 and 80 mm thick and more than 3,100 sq.m of PUR roofing panels from the best foreign components 100 mm thick were required for the construction.

At the request of the customer, the panels are produced in corporate colors:

zinc yellow RAL 1018
leaf green RAL 600
signal gray RAL 7004

Warehouse for “Coca-Cola”

К проекту
Город Tashkent Площадь проекта 700

Each warehouse is built according to the specific requirements of the oragnization. First of all, it is effective for organizing the storage and processing of products.

This time, we helped with the selection of suitable panels, carefully and quickly prepared the necessary sandwich panels for the customer.

Our experts are always happy to help and advise the client, regardless of the volume of purchases.

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Several reasons why you should choose MaxProduct sandwich panels

More than 300 finished

Sandwich panels are made only from environmentally friendly materials, they are fireproof and moisture resistant.

Our products meet international quality standards.

Premium quality

Sandwich panels of our production meet international quality standards.

Оперативное изготовление и быстрый монтаж

All materials are made in record time, and the installation itself sometimes does not take even a week!

Service life - up to 50 years!

Sandwich panels are ready to serve you up to 50 years, thanks to a special internal "stuffing" consisting only of natural materials.

Environmentally friendly product

MaxProduct sandwich panels are made only from environmentally friendly materials, they are fireproof and moisture resistant.

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