Roof Polyurethane sandwich panels

PU SANDWICH PANEL are applied as external walls and internal division walls, installed vertically or horizontally on single- or multi-span structure.

A PUF panel’s core is made of polyurethane while the interior and exterior are made up of thin metal sheets. This gives them excellent heat and sound resistance and insulating properties. Due to the sandwiched structure of the PUF panels, they act as good acoustic shields. So, they don’t let the noise pass through and can protect the inner environment from outside noise. This is very beneficial in structures that are located closer to busy roads, highways or construction sites where noise pollution is heavy. Due to its excellent insulated material and tolerance to air pressures & humidity, Polyurethane foam Sandwich Panels are most preferred in food industry, fish industry, dairy industry and cold storages.

  • Specifications
  • Core Material Density 40kg/m³
  • Effective width 1000mm
  • Thickness 100mm
  • Length As requested
  • Color: any RAL Color
  • Water absorption below 2.0% by weight
  • Acoustic Insulation 30 [dB]
  • Thermal Conductivity 0.022 [W/mK]
  • Surface Material Galvanized ,stainless steel, Zinc aluminum steel
  • Advantages
  • good heat insulators so they can protect the inner environment from ambient heat and sunlight and can keep the indoors cool
  • generally lighter compared to their size and so can be moved around easily. installation can be done with comparatively less manpower.
  • require very little maintenance and can withstand all kinds of weather
  • extremely durable and have a long life
  • act as good acoustic shields
  • Application areas
  • Certain industrial buildings,
  • Store houses and logistic centres,
  • Commercial buildings and offices,
  • Food industry facilities
  • Agricultural objects
  • Sport halls

Roof styrofoam sandwich panels

EPS is the abbreviation of expanded polystyrene. The majority of Panels manufactured in Central Asia are made with an EPS core sandwiched between two galvanized, zinced and painted steel sheets. EPS Panel is a proven construction material well-suited to the extremes of any climate. It is a cost-effective, lightweight construction material with excellent insulation properties. The great popularity of expanded polystyrene sandwich panels is due not only to the affordable price, but also to the distinctive technical characteristics:

  • Specifications
  • Density: 12-20 kg/m3
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Thickness: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm,120mm
  • Steel thickness: 0.35mm, 0.40mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.039 W/mK
  • Breaking stress in bending: 210 kPa
  • Water absorption: 2.0% by weight
  • Surface material: Galvanized stainless steel with a protective layer of polymer composition
  • Advantages
  • High load bearing capacity at low weight
  • Effective and durable thermal insulation
  • Absolute water and vapour barrier
  • Air-tightness for controlled environments
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • Long life, low maintenance
  • Most cost-effective insulation material available
  • Application Areas
  • Certain industrial buildings
  • Store houses and logistic centres
  • Commercial buildings and offices
  • Food industry facilities,
  • Agricultural objects
  • Sport halls

Roof Rockwool sandwich panels

The wall sandwich panel made out of wool is designed and manufactured for industrial facades. its use to separate different rooms or areas of an installation is also very common. The high fire resistance of this panel makes it ideal for use in industrial facilities where the risk of fire is high, or public buildings with a large transfer of people.

The panel consists of two lacquered steel sheets with a central core of rock wool. Rock wool is a material that comes from mineral wool that is obtained from volcanic rock, whose manufacturing process simulates the action of a volcano. Due to its multidirectional fibrous structure, rock wool is an ideal insulator to thermally insulate a building and passively protect it against fire offering maximum protection.

  • Specifications
  • Density of rockwool 100-120kg/m³
  • Effective width 1000mm
  • Thickness 50mm, 75mm, 100mm,120mm
  • Length As design requested
  • Color Any Ral Color
  • Surface Material Galvanized ,stainless steel, Zinc aluminum steel
  • Steel Thickness Normal: 0.35 - 0.5mm
  • Steel Thickness Normal: 0.35 - 0.5mm
  • Thermal conductivity 0.035 W/mK
  • Advantages
  • Retains heat well and traps air, which slows the transfer of heat
  • Non-combustible and fire resistant to about 1,400 degrees
  • Highly water repellent
  • Excellent sound-deadening properties
  • Long-term performance—rock wool doesn’t degrade over time
  • Allows moisture to escape (which deters mold and mildew)
  • Higher insulating value than fiberglass
  • Application areas
  • MINERAL WOOL SANDWICH PANEL are applied as external walls and internal division walls, installed vertically or horizontally on single- or multi-span structure.
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Store Houses And Logistic Centres
  • Commercial Buildings And Offices
  • Food Industry Facilities
  • Agricultural Objects
  • Training facilities
  • Higher insulating value than fiberglass

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