A description of our wall and roof panels and additional elements can be found on this website. You can also download the MaxProduct catalog, which provides more detailed information about the products.

Yes, we do an absolutely free calculation, as well as advise and help you choose the most suitable material.

We do not do the project itself, but we help to choose the necessary materials, we make a free calculation of the length and number of panels, taking into account the dimensions of the buildings.

The minimum order quantity is 100 sq.m per item, the cost is calculated depending on the quantity. Less – by agreement if available in similar positions.

Yes, the larger the volume, the lower the price.

Because the top of a roof panel is trapezoidal, it is more difficult to manufacture and requires more metal than a wall panel.

The most important thing is reliability, only we have a large portfolio of customer data analysis. You can chat with any of our partners and inquire about their cooperation with us. The second is value for money. We use the highest quality products with all certificates and certificates at absolute speed. The third is service. You can just call once and get in touch with a personal manager who will manage the order right away. He calculates the materials and their cost, puts the order into production on time and ships at a convenient time.

Here you need to take into account the total volume and thickness of the insulation. On average, about 20% of the cost of the panels.

No, you can choose any color. The color does not affect the price of the sandwich panel.

Yes, we only work with VAT. All prices quoted are already inclusive of taxes and fees.

When you contact us and tell us what kind of building you are building, our experts will provide you with the best choice after carefully analyzing your requirements.


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